Overview of Activity



Each group will perform a skit to the rest of the group during "project time" on Friday. You decide the subject of your skit.

Monday: Overview of activity and get into groups
Tuesday: Plan
Wednesday: Finish plan and rehearse
Thursday: Performances
Friday: Impromptu (and time to finish class projects, if needed)

What is a skit?


First things first... what is a skit?

What did all of these skits have in common?




Be original


Helpful Hints

Some guidelines:

1. The length of your skit performance should be between 1 and 5 minutes.
2. Everyone in your group should be involved in the skit.

This page has a list of ideas
. Use these ideas to generate some of your own, but please try to be original.

Here are a few tips for successful performances:
  1. Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse
  2. Keep the show moving! Have the next performers ready and waiting.
  3. When possible, involve audience participants (favorite counselors or parents).
  4. Use an older camper or two in skits involving younger campers, especially when there are a lot lines.
  5. Many of the skits can be reworked so that they can be led by a narrator, who reads the lines while the actors perform